COTTO CURIOUS shares a part in creating new ideas with Cat Walk Collection in Ceramic glass- painted workshop.


COTTO, leadership brand in design products, prioritize in arranging the event that customers can share their artwork ideas. COTTO had organized the ceramic glass-painted workshop event at COTTO CURIOUS on 23rd April. This workshop was inspired from the special basin collection named “Cat Walk Collection”, which has the pattern of cats’ tracery with variety of characteristics, reflect the difference in every journey of life and lifestyles that full of joy and charm. A production process empathized to every step, merged with the special technique from COTTO. The product’s designers created them for a unique one.

“Cat Work Collection” workshop was very success and can attract lot of customers’ attentions. They were having fun and enjoy to show their ceramic glass-painted skills which can be seen from the joyful expression and smile on their faces. In addition, COTTO also cooperate with “Caturday Café”, the café that currently popular in social media. The café brought the three most popular and lovely cats named “Ketchup”, “Nacho” and “Pheobie” to join the event. The customers receive not only the techniques and skills in ceramic glass-painted from the event, but also the premium rewards and inexhaustible heartwarming experience which will last long in their memory.

If you are interested in “Cat Walk Collection” and other hi-end products, please do not hesitate to contact COTTO CURIOUS, 3rd floor, Siam Square One, Tel.02-115-1419.