COTTO Fueling Young Designers with World-Renowned Designer in Collaboration


COTTO Fueling Young Designers with World-Renowned Designer in Collaboration

As part of the strategy to keep demonstrating the leadership of the tile and sanitary ware industry, COTTO, a world-class manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tiles, sanitary ware and fittings, has recently teamed up with a world-renowned Japanese product designer Mr. Naoto Fukasawa to introduce the “COTTO Another Perspective 5 Curated by Naoto Fukasawa” project inspired by the legendary Japanese designer’s “Good Morning” concept. The project will take place in Milan Design Week 2017 during April 4-9, 2017 in the Ventura Lambrate exhibition district in Milan, Italy. Additionally, the event will feature revolutionary design masterpieces of seven groups of excellent young designers from five nations. The COTTO Another Perspective project has been organized for the fifth consecutive year since 2013.

“This project will provide a great opportunity for talented designers of the next generation to be recognized on the world stage. They will be invited to exhibit their exceptionally designed masterpieces and share their inspiring ideas on new product designs, which will bring huge benefits to the art and design industry,” said Mr. Fukasawa. For the COTTO Another Perspective 5 Curated by Naoto Fukasawa project, Mr. Fukasawa has determined to focus on innovative designs of bathroom-based products developed under the Good Morning concept, where the bathroom can always be a place of physical and mental relaxation, stress reduction, and energy boost to start a brand-new day. As a curator of the project, the Japanese design guru is prepared to provide young and gifted designers with productive suggestions and guidelines for the advancement of designs that can truly reflect the designers’ indescribable uniqueness and identity inspired by diversified cultures and traditions. To ensure that the identified concept can be fostered in various aspects, Mr. Fukasawa is not emphasizing only on the innovation of designs, but he is also committed to developing quality products with highly efficient functions required by consumers at large.

Mr. Naoto Fukasawa is actually a Japanese designer, who fulfills simpleness in design as a way to achieve completeness and harmonious relationship between users, objects, and environments. He has been recognized on the world stage for decades with remarkable achievements with several world-renowned brands in Europe, Asia and the United States of America. The Japanese designer was previously honored with over 50 international design awards.

Regarding designed objects in this project, collections of COTTO’s tiles, sanitary ware and fittings are specially selected to complement each design of seven designer groups in term of styles and functions. The chosen products are a sanitary ware “Simply Modish” collection corresponding to the “Slim Look” trend as well as large-sized tiles and mosaic tiles developed by the stone and marble inspiration to highly satisfy changing lifestyles of the new generation.

Mr. Anuvat Chalermchai, Brand Director of COTTO, added that “Working with Mr. Naoto Fukasawa is considered COTTO’s another strategic collaboration with a world-class designer as young Thai designers with talented skills can absorb new design concepts from internationally successful designers and trendsetters. Besides, the COTTO Another Perspective 5 Curated by Naoto Fukasawa project will help build the designer community which strengthens the design industry of both Thailand and other foreign countries”.