Z924 3M Drinking Water Filter

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Z924 3M Drinking Water Filter

ប្រភេទផលិតផល Fittings Accessories
ស៊េរី Other Fitting
Weight 0.76 kilogram
Barcode 8852410909198


  • 1. Consumable Filtered water certified with NSF 42 53 Standard from USA
  • 2. Protect Cyst, which is the reason of digestive diesease on NSF 53 standard
  • 3. Scent and taste filter, and chlorine free
  • 4. Can be use with water up to 7,500 liters or 6-12 months
  • 5. Recommend to use with tap water
  • 6. Small, easy to install or change

Product Tips

  • Install under kitchen sink or counter, behind wall, or the side that convenient to change filter, not block by trap; intall vertically