Z705 25Cm. Handrail Part , Natura Living Series

Z705 25Cm. Handrail Part , Natura Living Series

Eldercare Functi Bedroom and Living room
Eldercare Produc Handrail
ប្រភេទផលិតផល Safety Accessories
សម្ភារៈ Wood
ស៊េរី Natura Living
Weight 0.2 kilogram
Barcode 8852410907316


  • 1. made from pine wood ,more firm and comfortablly warm than other metal
  • 2. wood surface with UV protection coating durable for 50 years
  • 3. Authentic pine wood Mold-free

Product Tips

  • For complete with Natura Living bracket (Z707/Z708/Z709/Z713/Z714) to extend handrail length

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. use cloth or sponge to clean the product. Do not use hard or metal brush.
  • 2. Use stainless cleaner when needed. Do not use cleaning liquid which contains hydrochloric acid or alkali.