Z20(HM) 1 Function Fixed Shower

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Z20(HM) 1 Function Fixed Shower

ប្រភេទផលិតផល Fixed Shower
មុខងារ 1 Function
សម្ភារៈ Brass,Plastic ABS
ស៊េរី Fixed Shower
Weight 0.58 kilogram
Barcode 8852410902441


  • 1. Made from High Quality ABS plastic, Plated with Nickel-Chromium
  • 2. Water Efficient : use water less than 5L/1bar
  • 3. OXI-PLUS Technology : oxygen mix with water, for softer water flow.
  • 4. Wide Shower face : Full, Thorough shower sensation

Product Tips

  • Use with conceal valve or mixture faucet for standing shower or bathtub

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Do not hit the rinsing spray to protect causing damage.
  • 2. Do not use toilet cleaners with acid content for cleaning product.
  • 3. Do not use hard brush or steel wood for cleaning the product to prevent scratch marks.Soft-cloth is recommended for cleaning.
  • 4. Before installing rinsing spray, suggesting to drain the water for a moment to get rid of the remaining particles in a pipe.