Starting from 1979, SCG Group has commenced the manufacture of mosaic tiles for exporting to Europe, USA and Japan. This marks the origin of COTTO brand which has been running business of ceramic tiles until the present day.

In 1984 and 1987, COTTO and Toto (Japan) Co., Ltd, the world's leading sanitary ware manufacturer, had together established a joint venture for manufacture and distribution of high-quality and beautiful vitreous sanitary wares, and faucets, respectively.

In 2009, it was the first establishment of COTTO STUDIO, a place of a complete line of tiles, sanitary wares, and faucets, and a place of total solutions in response to different preferences and to be the best answer for customers.

Since 2012, COTTO has taken another big leap to become a global brand, positioning itself as "Responsible Trend Setter" by annually participating in Milan Design Week and exhibiting international young designers' works in COTTO Another Perspective project. Later in 2015, COTTO, in collaboration with a world-renowned Italian designer, launched Patchwork Collection by Piero Lissoni, which raved reviews in the design industry.