Tricks to Decorate the Small Bathroom…Avoid the Uncomfortable


What should you do if you have trouble with the bathroom? Not only the bathroom area is too small to feel uncomfortable, but it is also full of small things placing around the bathroom. It is time to manage the narrow area and bring back the broadness of the small bathroom with the idea of how to arrange the small bathroom to look huge.

Arrange the Furniture Vertically

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Because every area of the bathroom is valuable, you should choose the furniture that is useful vertically to save the horizontally area. This type of furniture might be the furniture that can be stacked or the furniture that can be fixed on the wall, which can help the room to look like it has more space, as well as choosing the transparent shelf with the light weight that can be fixed on the wall, which will help the bathroom not to look dim and do not take up the space on the floor.

Small, Simple, and Complete

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Try to choose the necessary furniture and focus on the simple style but look bright, like white, cream, beige, blue, pastel tone, or clear glass but still have the complete facility, including shower, basin, mirror, and storage cabinet. Hence, the partition that is built with bricks or clear glass should separate the wet and dry area. Also, it increases the beauty of the bathroom without the need for decorations.

Colors Effect the Vision. The Brighter, the Wider.

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The same principle for choosing the clothes. If we wear the bright clothes, we will look big. If we wear the dark color, we will look smaller. The same for bathroom decoration. If you want to make the bathroom looks wider, decorate with the bright color tone, like white, cream, light gray, light blue, light pink, light green. Or if you want it to look more outstanding, gradient the dark color in the pastel tone. Your bathroom will surely not look narrow.

The Wide Mirror is a Good Friend of the Small Bathroom

Mirror is the best choice to decorate the bathroom because it will make the water to look wider by placing the mirror to decorate the bathroom and make the room to look the widest by setting it above the basin. For the low ceiling bathroom, placing the mirror to closely near the ceiling, which will enlarge the narrow bathroom.

One Own Corner

Placing the sanitary ware in the bathroom is the main component that can make the bathroom to have the comfortable area. If you want to have more space, try arranging 1-2 sanitary wares in the corner, including the bathtub, basin, toilet, and shower enclosure; which can be placed in the corner or hanged for the airiness in the bathroom. Because COTTO cares for the bathroom area significantly, the sanitary ware in Space Solution Series is designed to support the usability in terms of area. With the triangular boiler that can stay in the corner, it can be arranged close to the wall or in the corner to reduce the crowded in the active area. For more products, see

Do Not Have Too High Ceiling

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The higher the ceiling, the narrower the bathroom, especially with the rectangular bathroom. Therefore, the standard height do not make the small bathroom to look like the narrow alley. It should be approximately 2.2-2.4 meters only.

Lay the Bathroom Floor Diagonally


Laying the floor tiles diagonally, or what is called the diamond, is to lay the floor tiles diagonally to make 45 degrees angle, which can delude the room to look larger. Popularly used with the laying of floor tiles and ceilings, which are suitable for the bathroom, the kitchen, or the small room.

Formula of 2 X 2 X 2.6 Meters is Suitable for the Small Bathroom

The size of the smallest bathroom that does not make you feel uncomfortable is 2X2 meters with the height of the ceiling of 2.5 meters and higher. Decorating the small bathroom needs high inspiration to design the bathroom as beautiful as you wish. Therefore, we have the sample of the small bathroom in the size of 2 X 2 X 2.6 meters from COTTO that can be arranged in various styles.


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