COTTO faucets won the Prime Minister’s Export Award 2017


One of the latest pride of COTTO with the award winning of Prime Minister’s Export Award 2017 in the branch of Best Design from Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha by which Mr. Buntoon Porapukham, Managing Director of Siam Sanitary Fittings Company Limited, brought the team to receive the award.

Hence, the awarded product is the Soft Paddle Faucet from the concept that is in accordance with the World’s trend in the present day, which is the society for the elders. The Soft Paddle Faucet is designed with the featured in the Universal Design. It is handy and can be used from all directions. It is easy to work for both children and adults, only push your palm forward lightly and the water will come out without having to spin. Together with the technology of Terbitech, which is the technology to generate the hydroelectric power. There will always be the light every time you use it for the convenient in the night time, which can respond to the usage and the durability with the simplicity in the minimal style.

Apart from PM Awards, the Soft Paddle Faucet received the quality award of Demark 2017 or the best design of Thai products award from Bureau of Innovation Promotion and Value Added for Trade, Department of International Trade Promotion. It is one of the products that COTTO has created to be User Friendly to reduce the accident and truly respond to the lifestyle of elders and all family members.