CT696(0.5L) Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500 Ml.

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CT696(0.5L) Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500 Ml.

Type Fittings Accessories
Material Fruit Acid
Series Other Fitting
Barcode 8852410696012


  • 1. Shine brighter, prolong product life, does not harm the product surface or stain.
  • 2. mold-protected, wipe out stinking smell, destroy fat stain
  • 3. Natural material, no residue left over
  • 4. carcinogens free, does not contain harmful metal and chemical content
  • 5. Certifited Green Label Standard

Product Tips

  • Use to Clean Faucet, Sanitary Ware, and Other Products

Care Warning Instruction

  • Non-consumable, Avoid contact with eyes, Container could be recycle, do not dispose into river, ditch, canal, and public water resource.

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