CT455NS Toilet Flush Valve (16 Litre)

CT455NS Toilet Flush Valve (16 Litre)

Type Toilet Flush Valve
Function Lever Handle
Material Brass
Series Flush Valve
Weight 3 kilogram
Barcode 8852410455268


  • 1. Made from high quality brass
  • 2. Water flow rate at 16 liter per flush
  • 3. long last shining surfaC?

Product Tips

  • Use With C3300 Slop Sink Top Inlet Sanitary Ware

Care Warning Instruction

  • 1. Not be splashed by water because electronic set are damaged.
  • 2. For cover is dirt, use soft moisten cloth or sponge rub it. Do not use cleaner that contains acid, base, polishing power for scratch prevention.
  • 3. Dismantle and assembly all not be careful because there are electrical parts.
  • 4. Don't install flush valve face to within 1.5 m. or reflective object, because may be mal-function.
  • 5. Do not sensor to direct sunlight.
  • 6. Not be splashed by water because electrical parts are damaged.
  • 7. Should connect all joints to tight.

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