CT4571NL Toilet Flush Valve /Back Inlet

CT4571NL Toilet Flush Valve /Back Inlet

Product Category COTTO
Product Main Cat COTTO
Product Use Loca Inside and Outside
Type Toilet Flush Valve
Function Lever Handle
Material Brass
Series Flush Valve
Weight 2.3 kilogram
Barcode 8852410457521


  • 1. Extra Chrome : 8 micron Nickel-chromium finished, Build to last and shine
  • 2. Flush Volume : 6 Lpf
  • 3. Easy and Soft-gentle handle operating

Product Tips

  • Install with Back Inlet Urinal

Care Warning Instruction

  • Apply dilluted-soap water or COTTO natural multi-purpose cleaner CT696(0.5L.) to clean the faucet. Do not clean by any cleaner consisting acid substances. Wash out by water after applying cleaner. Then, using a soft cloth to clean again to protect causing any scratches on the faucet surface

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