Perfect Bathroom Starting from the Design


If you want to have the perfect bathroom that matches with the picture that you have in mind, the “design” can help you and the contractor to have the same picture. Just know what you like, you can manage to build up your dream to match with your needs more beautifully.

How to begin for the perfect bathroom?

Starting from searching the sample bathroom or the reference pictures to get the style that you like so that you will know the style that you want and which sample that matches with your mind. There are many sources to look for beautiful toiles, such as image searching from Google, Pinterest, and Website about design works from magazines, as well as from the exhibition and the innovation like the Architectural Fair, House and Garden Fair, including the photo from the bathroom in the hotel or the resort that you like, etc.

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Architect Expo 2017

When you get the reference picture as the guideline for your dream bathroom, the next step is to choose the products by yourself, whether it is the tiles, sanitary wares, or furniture. Especially tiles which come in many varieties, when matching them together and imagine that we lay this and that tile on the whole room and how will it look like, we might not get the bathroom just like the reference that you have searched or imagine. Therefore, is it better for you to see the virtual bathroom before making the decision to purchase the products and install?

At present, COTTO has the virtual bathroom designing service before the actual building by the professionals that are ready to help you Mix & Match as you wish. Therefore, it is easy to choose the products and respond to the needs by providing the bathroom designing service by Creative Designers, the professionals in the bathroom designing from COTTO.

Good design….for the perfect bathroom

The good designing is the starting points for all works to be perfectly completed. Therefore, COTTO has the team of Creative Designers with the professional designers to design the beautiful bathroom for the customers at COTTO STUDIO by each person has passed the intense special training program of COTTO, who is ready to accumulate and simultaneously exchange the experiences.

Everyone who wants the Creative Designers to design the bathroom can bring the bathroom size, the bathroom plan, the Reference, or the needs of oneself to COTTO STUDIO, which are located in the nationwide. Creative Designers will make the model bathroom, together with the position, the sanitary ware, counter, and the tile pattern that matches with the bathroom without wasting the time or having the headache in searching and choosing the tile by yourself.

Choosing the material is also important.

When you have the beautiful bathroom model, choosing the materials for the bathroom, whether it is the tile, sanitary ware, or faucet, it is needed to consider for the quality and the reliability of the products as well because sometimes the bathroom has designed beautifully, but just by choosing the poor quality products, it might create an impact. For example; if the tile does not in the right angle or at the corner, when laying out, the tile grout might be distorted. Moreover, choosing the tile adhesive and the adhesive grout cannot be neglected, even though it is the small things that many people might overlook. Nowadays, there is the tile adhesive and the adhesive grout specifically for the bathroom with the special characteristic which is developed for the bathroom.

Look at the contractor work more than the cheap wage.

One of the thing that needs to be considered is choosing the installation technician because the renovation of the bathroom is the complicated work, whether it is the flooring, ceiling, the plumbing system, and the wiring. Do not think that hiring the contractor must be so expensive that you do not want to hire. Try looking at the advantage point that if you hire the cheap technician that is not skillful and specialized, it might cause so much trouble that you need to smash it or rebuild it again, which is the waste of money and cost more money in the end, as well as creating the never-ending fussy troubles. Choosing the specialized technicians is more important than choosing the technician that you see as cheap. The past performance of the installation team must also be considered.

Do you see … even the little spots in the bathroom need designing apart from the beautiful with the uniqueness and reduce many fussy problems that you never expect. Because all inspirations we can create, you can create the good experience with Creative Designers, the professional in bathroom designing with COTTO STUDIO every day.

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